I Need Money - How Can I Make Money As A Teen Or Older Adult?

Help me make the money I need

Across the Internet I see the question “I need money, how do I make money?” being asked a lot, I mean seriously a lottt. Whether it’s on forums, social networks, or the 100 plus times a day that the question is asked on yahoo answers many people are taking to the internet to get their question on how to make money answered. From 13 year olds to 50 year olds, all asking how to get a job or make money in their state or region. It’s kind of sad because I know how they feel, not having money or a job and desperately seeking a way to earn some money.

I remember being 15 and scrounging for ways to earn money and to get a job, I felt so helpless and sometimes depressed. Not being able to earn money so I can buy the things I wanted or go to the places I wanted was tough. It can be tough for teens to get work and make money because of competition, age, and lack of experience. Older folks have a similar problem as they might be too old to work, laid off because of their age, or not able to work a second job because they don’t have the energy.

I created this site to help provide a solution and answer this question for the millions of teens and older folks. Being in the shoes one who needed money and trying all avenues and means to earn money I finally found a way to earn the extra money I needed. I can now buy the things I want without hesitation or reservation, I’m not filthy rich or as rich as I want to be but I live comfortably, not struggling to pay bills and having extra money to spend at my leisure.

So there you have it, you don't need to ask questions about how to make money on Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, or Quora anymore. Simply visit our homepage and learn how to earn extra money and boost your budget every month!

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