How Teens Can Find Summer Jobs

summer job search for teenagersSummer is almost here and many teens are preparing to find work for their summer break. With the economy still climbing out of the recession finding a summer job as a teenager is going to be tough. The job search will be incredibly competitive and hard and many will simply not get a job for the summer. But all hope is not lost, we have put together a list of ways to help teens prepare and improve their chances of getting a job.

1) Friends and Family – Begin looking for a job by using people you already know such as your family, friends, and acquaintances. Ask family or friends if they know of any openings for jobs and can out in a good word for you. A school counselor, church members, and even teachers can help in your job search.

2) Social Networking – Utilize social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to help you find a job by posting that you are in need of a job for the summer. You can also visit business pages on Facebook and post that you’re available for work during the summer.

3) Start Early – Begin your search for a job now! Don’t wait until school is over, start going into businesses now and let them know you are available for work during the summer. Be sure to leave your resume and references.

4) Make Money Online – If you need additional money aside from your summer job you can make extra money online by doing free surveys. It’s a great way to earn extra cash during the summer and will help increase your summer earnings. You can make find out more about making money online by visiting our homepage.

Here is a free job search resource, you can look for local jobs in your area.

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What Do To If You Win The Mega Millions Jackpot Lottery

Here's what to do if you win the Mega Millions LotteryThe Mega Millions Jackpot has already been won by a few individuals across many states but what if you’re one of the individuals that won all that money? what would you do? We break down the steps you should take if you win the lottery.

Fill it out! – The second you get that ticket in your possession you need to turn it over and you will see there is a place to sign it, to fill in your social security number, and address etc. Fill this out right away.

Preparation – Once you’ve won it’s different, now you’re in this whole dizzy stage of oh my God I have this money! You need to prep your mind in case you win, before the drawing or winning numbers are announced you need to make decisions such as what would you do right now if you won? Would you take the money yearly or lump sum? how would you do it? You need to have these answers so when you’re in the excitement of winning you don’t lose focus. Also get professional advisers in place such as financial advisers and a lawyer.

Large Sums of Money! – The only benefit of the annual payout is that you learn how to handle large sums of money. The big surprise is the emotional burden that it can create when a lot of money comes into your possession, many think it won’t be that way but human nature never fails. We always think that only if I had this much money but money alone will never make you happy but lack of money can make you miserable.

Winning the lottery is the dream of many individuals but the odds are not good and can be a costly to play. If you would like an easy and free way to make money then visit our homepage to find out how to make extra money.


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Loans That Will Help You Pay For College

best loans for college tuitionIf you’re a parent and you have a child that is going to college you may be wondering “what’s the best type of loan to take out for son or daughter’s college expenses? It is smart to borrow a Federal Loan because they are cheaper, more available, and have better repayment terms than private loans. But if your child maxes out their Federal Student Loans, your family still has options to help pay for college.

You can still take out a Parent-Plus loan to help carry the costs, this is a Federal Loan that has a fixed rate of just under 8% and with 4% in fees. The loan is also eligible for the student loan interest deduction which allows you to deduct up to $2,500 a year on your taxes. Private student loans are another option, even though they are usually borrowed by the student, most require a credit worthy cosigner such as a parent and you’re equally obligated to repay that debt that means late payments will be reported on your credit history too.

The other option is a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit, and they may be an option if you have equity in your home. Now home loans may offer interest rates that are competitive with private student loans. But you also need to consider whether there are other ways to saving on college costs such as enrolling in an in-state public college, buying used text books, or taking fewer trips home from school. The bottom line your children’s college debt at the end of their graduation should be less than their starting salary.

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How To Cut Your Energy Costs By Thousands Of Dollars

Save money by cutting energy costsEnergy costs these days are very high but did you know you can cut your energy costs and save thousands of dollars. We are going to list 2 products and 1 rule that together can cut your energy bill by over 50%.

Lighting – Did you know that light bulbs also act as a space heater? 95% of energy is wasted as heat, the average American family spends 25% of it’s annual energy bill on lighting in part because the AC is running to cool off the heat coming from the lights which doesn’t make much sense. The solution for this is L.E.D.s or Light Emitting Diodes which use 10 times less energy than incandescents and run 3 times cooler. The savings over 6 years in one home assuming 25 bulbs in the house is $2000.

Entertainment Center Smart Strip – Fact, American cable set top boxes consumed as much electricity last year as all the homes in the entire state of Maryland combined. Now if you want to save some energy you need to plug your TV into the master outlet of a smart strip, turn off the TV at night and before your vacation, and you also switch off all the devices plugged into the same strip. This can give you up to 77% power savings annually.

Insulation – Finally remember heat, up to 40% of heat is lost due to poor insulation. Turns out many state and local utilities huge rebates towards home insulation projects, up to $1,500. This will get you paid for saving money!

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How To Save Money On Pet Costs

Cut Your Pet Costs Save MoneyIn this tough economy everyone is looking to cut costs and to save money in anyway that they can. If you own a Pet then you know pet costs can be expensive. We have put together some money saving tips on how to save on pet costs.

1) Buy in Bulk – You can absolutely save up to 50% on pet food by buying in bulk. You should always get quality food and have a relationship with your vet as they will tell you the best food to get for your pet.

2) Walk your own Dog – Why pay a dog walker when you can walk your own dog? This will also help you get exercise and build your relationship with your dog while saving money. If you work then just simply wake up a little earlier or when you get home at night walk your dog.

3) Toys – You don’t have to buy fancy toys for your pets just make your own, simply use an old sock and put a treat inside and your dog will love it. Just be creative, you can also use an old boot as a toy and also tie up the laces to form a toy for your dog.

4) Clothing – Once again there is no need to spend money on clothing for a dog when you can use an old t-short or old garment and fit it on your dog. Also for a raincoat you can use a garbage bag instead.

5) Cleaning & Grooming – Instead of paying a $100 to get your dog cleaned and groomed every month, go to your local Petco or Petland and get an inexpensive pet shampoo and give your dog a bath yourself. Also clean your dog’s paws every times they enter your home so it saves your carpet from stains and cleaning.

6) Getting a Pet – There are so many dogs in shelters that are up for adoption. So why spend all that money on getting a dog, by adopting you will be saving money and helping the shelter.

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