Best Ways To Get Free Stuff

get free samples and free stuff onlineThey say the best things in life are Free! but many people also believe that the free things in life are the best. Believe it or not you can almost anything or item for free if you know where to look and what steps to take. We have put together a list of free services and resources to help you get free stuff.

Freecycle – is a website that hooks up people that are giving away stuff with people that want it.

Craigslist – is also a great site for free stuff, just click on the free stuff tab under the for sale section and you will see tons of posts everyday about people giving away free stuff.

The fact is there are tons of places to get free stuff these days, here are a few more ideas.

Free Samples – A lot of companies are now giving away free samples and there are many websites that can hook you up with these deals. But before you jump right in you should create a separate email account so your personal email account doesn’t get flooded with spam.

Free Rebates – Before you go shopping do your research and look for products that have free rebate offers where you get cash back after purchasing the product. You can check for rebates and coupons.

Free Rewards – You can get free frequent flyer miles and money by using the right credit card but before careful not to overspend while trying to collect those reward points.

House Party – You can also get free stuff by agreeing to have a house party, you introduce your friends to new products and you get a basket of free goodies. Visit to find out more…

So there you have it, some great tips on how to get things free, this can save you money and get you something you wanted absolutely free.

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  1. Lol even if you did get them 3′s, I got faith in you that you could do what you do in them

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    Added, I enjoy your blog! :)

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