How To Save Money On Pet Costs

Cut Your Pet Costs Save MoneyIn this tough economy everyone is looking to cut costs and to save money in anyway that they can. If you own a Pet then you know pet costs can be expensive. We have put together some money saving tips on how to save on pet costs.

1) Buy in Bulk – You can absolutely save up to 50% on pet food by buying in bulk. You should always get quality food and have a relationship with your vet as they will tell you the best food to get for your pet.

2) Walk your own Dog – Why pay a dog walker when you can walk your own dog? This will also help you get exercise and build your relationship with your dog while saving money. If you work then just simply wake up a little earlier or when you get home at night walk your dog.

3) Toys – You don’t have to buy fancy toys for your pets just make your own, simply use an old sock and put a treat inside and your dog will love it. Just be creative, you can also use an old boot as a toy and also tie up the laces to form a toy for your dog.

4) Clothing – Once again there is no need to spend money on clothing for a dog when you can use an old t-short or old garment and fit it on your dog. Also for a raincoat you can use a garbage bag instead.

5) Cleaning & Grooming – Instead of paying a $100 to get your dog cleaned and groomed every month, go to your local Petco or Petland and get an inexpensive pet shampoo and give your dog a bath yourself. Also clean your dog’s paws every times they enter your home so it saves your carpet from stains and cleaning.

6) Getting a Pet – There are so many dogs in shelters that are up for adoption. So why spend all that money on getting a dog, by adopting you will be saving money and helping the shelter.

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