How To Cut Your Energy Costs By Thousands Of Dollars

Save money by cutting energy costsEnergy costs these days are very high but did you know you can cut your energy costs and save thousands of dollars. We are going to list 2 products and 1 rule that together can cut your energy bill by over 50%.

Lighting – Did you know that light bulbs also act as a space heater? 95% of energy is wasted as heat, the average American family spends 25% of it’s annual energy bill on lighting in part because the AC is running to cool off the heat coming from the lights which doesn’t make much sense. The solution for this is L.E.D.s or Light Emitting Diodes which use 10 times less energy than incandescents and run 3 times cooler. The savings over 6 years in one home assuming 25 bulbs in the house is $2000.

Entertainment Center Smart Strip – Fact, American cable set top boxes consumed as much electricity last year as all the homes in the entire state of Maryland combined. Now if you want to save some energy you need to plug your TV into the master outlet of a smart strip, turn off the TV at night and before your vacation, and you also switch off all the devices plugged into the same strip. This can give you up to 77% power savings annually.

Insulation – Finally remember heat, up to 40% of heat is lost due to poor insulation. Turns out many state and local utilities huge rebates towards home insulation projects, up to $1,500. This will get you paid for saving money!

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