How To Get Your Startup Off The Ground

How to start a businessIf you’ve dreamed about owning a business of your own whether it’s running a bed and breakfast or launching an edgy fashion line it can be a financial and emotional disaster if you don’t take the right steps.  Now is really a great time for startups, obviously a lot of people are out of work, they are having a tough time finding a job and 9 times out of 10 many people have had thoughts and ideas for a business. We have put together some tips to help you have a successful startup.

Imagine – Think about all the possibilities, you want to start with something that you are not just passionate about but also passionate about making the business work. You must be committed to growing your business, think about how it fits into your life. Be open to opportunities, take your idea and think about it in every way possible, could it become a website or a brick and mortar, that way when opportunity comes knocking you’re ready for it.

Research – Part of your research should be finding a mentor, is a great place to get small business advice. Also start local, go to your local chamber of commerce and community colleges, you want to talk to people and get feedback. Network with other business owners to get tips and advice

Planning – You of course need a business plan, there are a lot of free business planning help online. Your plan must include your strategies, sales and marketing, and your day to day costs. Also factor in what you’re going to pay yourself.

Financing – Most small business owners get money from friends and family, you will not get much success from venture capitalists. There are a lot of micro financing and funding for small businesses from the SBA.

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Best Ways To Get Free Stuff

get free samples and free stuff onlineThey say the best things in life are Free! but many people also believe that the free things in life are the best. Believe it or not you can almost anything or item for free if you know where to look and what steps to take. We have put together a list of free services and resources to help you get free stuff.

Freecycle – is a website that hooks up people that are giving away stuff with people that want it.

Craigslist – is also a great site for free stuff, just click on the free stuff tab under the for sale section and you will see tons of posts everyday about people giving away free stuff.

The fact is there are tons of places to get free stuff these days, here are a few more ideas.

Free Samples – A lot of companies are now giving away free samples and there are many websites that can hook you up with these deals. But before you jump right in you should create a separate email account so your personal email account doesn’t get flooded with spam.

Free Rebates – Before you go shopping do your research and look for products that have free rebate offers where you get cash back after purchasing the product. You can check for rebates and coupons.

Free Rewards – You can get free frequent flyer miles and money by using the right credit card but before careful not to overspend while trying to collect those reward points.

House Party – You can also get free stuff by agreeing to have a house party, you introduce your friends to new products and you get a basket of free goodies. Visit to find out more…

So there you have it, some great tips on how to get things free, this can save you money and get you something you wanted absolutely free.

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Should You Be Investing In Gold?

advice for investing in goldGold prices hit a record high of $1,900 an ounce in the last week of August, but with wild swings in the stock market and an uncertain economy, should you be investing in this precious metal? What about grandma’s old gold necklaces and gold jewelry handed down through your family, is it time to sell them? We have prepared some tips and advice on investing in gold.

Why the Rise in the Price of Gold?

Gold is like this universal currency, it’s good everywhere not just like the dollar here, it can be accepted in every country around the world.  When people are afraid they think inflation and other economic woes which prompts them to invest in something they think is solid, secure, or a sure thing. So when you see gold prices going up it means people are afraid.

If you look at the one year history of gold prices in August 2010 and now in August 2011 it is a significant jump in value. So now is a good time to invest in gold, If you’re not old and don’t need income from your portfolio, you should have a little gold in your investment portfolio, about 5% to 15% of gold in your portfolio. Don’t forget this will not kick off any income for you, it’s more of a long term investment, you have to have to time to hold it and don’t go hog wild in buying either.

What about pieces of Gold you have around the House?

If you have bracelets, necklaces, and other gold jewelry you are looking to sell you have to be careful. Some people think that I have a gold jewelry that weighs an ounce, that is $1,900! But gold isn’t sold like that, remember if you have a 14kt gold bracelet it’s only comprised of 58.5% gold, likewise 18kt is 75% and 24kt is 100%. You also want to get your gold jewelry appraised by different persons before you decide you decide to sell, this will give you a good idea of what you can expect to get for your gold.

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What The U.S. Credit Downgrade Means To You

standard & poors lowers us credit rating, how this effects americansBy now we’ve all heard the bad news of Standard & Poor’s downgrading the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+. As a result stock prices are tumbling down hill faster than a rolling rock on Wall Street, but what does this mean to you and the other consumers out there? Well the outlook is that the consumer will be hit with higher taxes, inflation, and higher home buying costs. This will affect the spending, savings and retirement of many Americans.

Things are not going to be getting better anytime soon, so we all need to prepare financially by saving and by earning more money. It may seem very hard to do this but a little goes a long way. If you budget yourself and find ways to bring in additional income you can survive these tough economic times. You can try to get a part time job or work extra hours at your job but that can be very tiring and leave no time for family and yourself.

The ideal way of getting extra money would be if you can get a work at home job, or a way to earn money online in your spare time. You can be at home or anywhere there is an Internet connection and work at your leisure. Well there are such opportunities available, The Online Business System is a great way to make money online from home! They are trusted and used by many and you could start today. Why not take matters into your own hands and start bringing in the money you need to survive the recession.

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6 Ways To Save Money This Summer

save money during the summer seasonSummer is here and many of us will be traveling and going on vacations. It’s peak travel season and unfortunately airfares are up, hotel costs are up, and as we all know gas prices are up too. There are a lot of added costs that can sneak in during the summer season, so how do you stretch your dollar for the most fun in the sun? we have put together some tips to help you save money this summer.

1) Travel Midweek – With Airfares the best way to save a significant amount of money is to travel midweek. Travel from a Tuesday to a Tuesday or Wednesday to a Wednesday and you can save 5 to 25% doing this. Of course not everyone wants to travel midweek, so you can also look for discount coupons online at sites like

2) Prepay Hotel – You can save more by paying for your hotel costs in advanced rather than making a reservation and paying when you checkout, up to 10 to 15% savings.

3) Drive Smart – If you’re going to be driving, a good way to save gas is to not drive aggressively, if you don’t speed and keep your car well maintained it can help you save money on gas.

4) Food Coupons – Eating out can be costly, but you can save money on dining out by using coupons. Because of the recession many upscale restaurants have started to offer coupons and discounts, visit sites like,, and groupon for restaurant deals and discounts.

5) Childcare – Many of us send our kids off to summer camps or sleep away camps for the summer and this can cost quite a bit. A great way to knock down this cost is to apply for childcare tax credit which the IRS gives up to 20 to 35% back on the cost of the camp. Also look for less costly camps, check with local town camps, YMCAs, and boy scouts girl scouts.

6) Air conditioning – If you upgrade your air conditioning with an energy efficient system you can save on electricity and you can also get a $300 tax credit for having an energy efficient system. Before you buy visit and look on there to see of what you’re going to buy meets their standards. With an energy efficient system you will also save money in the long term.

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