CashCrate Guide

How to use CashCrate's Referral Program to make more Money:

Aside from doing offers and surveys, you can also take advantage of CashCrate's Referral program. CashCrate rewards you for referring others to the site, they give you your own special link which you can give to friends and family to sign up. CashCrate has 5 Referral ranks, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. When you sign up you will be a bronze member, as you keep referring others to the site your referral rank will change, and you will get a higher commission percentage. As your referrals make money you will make money also, no one loses anything,the commissions are all based on the earnings from offers and surveys.


How to Get Referrals.

Here is a list of ways you can get Referrals:

  • Tell your Friends and Family (Email, Word of Mouth, Online)
  • Make a Blog or Website
  • Make Flyers and Business Cards
  • Post on Forums
  • Promote your Blog on blogging networks and sites like Blogcatalog.
  • Promote at Colleges, Schools, Clubs
  • Place a Classified Ad Online or in Print
  • Make Videos and post them on video sites like YouTube

There are many more ideas, but these are the main ways to get referrals.


Getting Offers and Surveys to Confirm

Sometimes surveys confirm right away, sometimes they take longer. Here are some tips to help get offers to confirm:

  1. Clear your browser cookies after doing each offer
  2. Use multiple emails, I create 4-5 new emails for every 15 offers I do. reason for this, sometimes one company issues more than one survey. create the emails free with Yahoo or Gmail
  3. Use Real info, no fake information
  4. Completely fill out Surveys and Offers
  5. Don't try to do all offers at once, do some, let them confirm, then do more

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